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Configure AWS Secret Manager

Follow the steps documented to pull secrets from AWS Secret Manager and establish trust between your AWS server and your controller Managed clusters

Step 1: Create Secret Store

  • From the Integrations > Secret Stores page, click New Secret Store
  • Provide a Name , select CSI - AWS from the drop down for Provider
  • Click CREATE button to create this secret store

Create Vault

Step 2: Edit Secret Store

In the Edit Secret Store page:

  • Click Add Clusters to add the Kubernetes cluster to use this secret store
  • Click Add IRSA to add the Service account details along with the Role ARN
  • Click Add Secret Provider Class and select the required Secret Provider Class from the drop-down along with the namespace
  • Click Save & Exit to save the secret store settings

Create Vault


It will take ~30 seconds for the secret integration configuration to be deployed to the managed Kubernetes clusters

Create Vault