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Organizations that have invested in building complex Terraform based "Infrastructure as Code" for cluster provisioning can seamlessly integrate and use Rafay for workload/application operations.


Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently.

  • It uses configuration files to describe the entire datacenter. It then generates an execution plan and executes it to build the described infrastructure.
  • It is typically used to manage low-level infrastructure components such as compute, storage, and networking

Terraform with Rafay

Organizations that have developed Terraform based cluster provisioning logic can embed it into a pipeline (e.g. Jenkins) with Rafay. The pipeline shown below is an illustrative example where a Jenkins based pipeline performs the following:

  • Provision a Kubernetes cluster using Terraform
  • Import the cluster into Rafay and apply a standard cluster blueprint
  • Use Rafay for Visibility, Monitoring and Workload Operations.

Jenkins, Terraform and Rafay