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1.4.x to 1.5.x

Here are the detailed instructions of the self hosted controller upgrade from 1.4.x to 1.5.x.


  • Make sure all the pods are up and running in the existing controller
  • Check if all the clusters are healthy

Backup data from controller

DB backup

From postgres pods

kubectl exec -it -n rafay-core postgres-admin-0 bash
su - postgres
pg_dumpall -U postgres > /home/postgres/preupgrade_allDB.sql

From the controller copy it into the backup location

mkdir ~/backups
kubectl cp -n rafay-core     postgres-admin-0:/home/postgres/preupgrade_allDB.sql ~/backups/preupgrade_allDB.sql

Secrets and Certificates backup

kubectl get secrets -A -o yaml > ~/backups/all_secrets.yaml
kubectl get certificates -A -o yaml > ~/backups/all_certificates.yaml

Take salt backup

Exec into the salt-master pod and backup the directories under it.

kubectl exec -it -n rafay-core <salt-master-pod> bash
kubectl cp -n rafay-core <salt-master-pod>:/etc/salt/pki ~/backups/salt-master

Download Software

  • Click [here][]) to download v1.5.x of the self hosted controller software package

  • Untar the package using the command tar -xf rafay-controller-v1.5.1.18.tar.gz

  • Once the downloaded file is untarred, take a backup of the existing config file
sudo mv ./radm /usr/bin/
mv config.yaml config.yaml-1-4-back
cp -rp config.yaml-tmpl config.yaml
vi config.yaml
diff -y config.yaml-1-4-back config.yaml
  • Customize config.yaml with required changes compared with the existing config.yaml
  • After all the required changes are done to the config file save it and exit
  • Delete the tsdb helm

helm delete rafay-tsdb -n rafay-core

  • Check if there are any tsdb service‚Äôs running and delete them also

kubectl delete svc -n rafay-core rafay-tsdb-config

  • Delete the kafka-core service

kubectl delete svc -n rafay-core kafka-core

  • Edit the storage class and add allowVolumeExpansion: true
kubectl edit storageclass openebs-hostpath
allowVolumeExpansion: true
  • Update the postgresql volume to 55G
kubectl edit postgresql -n rafay-core   postgres-admin

    size: 55Gi
    storageClass: openebs-hostpath
  • Upgrade the RADM dependencies to the controller

sudo radm dependency --config config.yaml

  • Check for pod status kubectl get pod -A

  • Check if all pods are in running/completed state.

  • Once they are ready, run the below command to refresh the DB with the latest configuration. This will not affect the data present in DB.

kubectl delete pods -n rafay-core -l spilo-role=master

  • Upgrade RADM applications to the controller sudo radm application --config config.yaml

  • Check for pod status

kubectl get pod -A

Note: Verify if the workload is running on the cluster node

Post Upgrade Migration

  • Clear all browser cache, cookies and login into below URL using the credentials passed in config.yaml under super-user section


  • After login, hit the below API which triggers the DB migrations


  • Just a plain screen without any error represents the migration is complete.

  • Check for pods

kubectl get po -A

Cluster Upgrade

  • Once the controller is upgraded, all the existing clusters can be upgraded via using blueprint sync

  • Edit the blueprint which is used for the existing clusters


  • Create a new version of blueprint with existing addons


  • Name the blueprint with a new version number


  • Trigger the blueprint sync from the cluster settings


  • Select the new version of the blueprint created above and Publish


  • Once the Blueprint sync is complete, means that the cluster is completely upgraded to v1.5