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An integrated backup and restore solution is critical for Kubernetes cluster operations. Administrators can configure backups for their clusters and workload's literally in a few minutes. They do not have to worry about the learning curve associated with yet another standalone tool for this capability.

With this capability, administrators can

  1. Quickly recover clusters from disasters like hardware failures
  2. Migrate clusters from one environment to another (e.g. on-prem to cloud)
  3. Recover data for specific workload namespaces to the last known good configuration in case of data corruption

What to Backup

Administrators need to specify what data on the cluster they want to backup. Available options are:

  • Control Plane i.e. objects stored in the cluster's etcd database
  • Backup persistent volumes

Where to Backup

Any s3 API compatible storage endpoint is supported. This can be a cloud service such as Amazon AWS's S3 service or any S3 compatible storage i.e. MinIO.