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System Registry

The system registry is primarily meant for non-production type usage such as demos, PoCs etc.


Users are required to authenticate to the system registry before they can perform "push" or "pull" operations. Use the following steps to setup authentication.

  • Login to the Web Console
  • Click My Tools, API & Registry Keys
  • Click Manage Keys and then New Registry Key


Make a note of the "key", "secret", and "label". The secret will not be displayed to you again.

The integrated system registry uses Oauth2 Token Authentication for authenticating docker clients. It redirects users automatically to a standalone Oauth service that authenticates docker clients and uses provided credentials in docker login to authenticate and authorize the request for a resource on the registry. For successful requests, a bearer token is returned, which is used by docker client to access a resource on the registry.


This assumes the user is using Docker to access the system registry. On your laptop or system where Docker is installed, type the following command:

sudo docker login

When prompted, enter the following details for credentials

  • Username: Your web console UI login username (typically your email address)
  • Password: Registry secret

Pushing Container Images

Tag the Container Image

docker tag <EXISTING_IMAGE_NAME><label>/image:tag

For example, to tag the latest nginx image

docker tag nginx:stable

Push the Image

docker push<label>/image:tag

For example, to push the newly tagged image to the system registry

docker push