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This document describes how customers can configure and use Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus (AMP) to store and query critical operational metrics from their Kubernetes clusters. AMP provides a number of key benefits that allow organizations to offload undifferentiated heavy lifting to AWS

  • AMP automatically scales with the customer's needs
  • Customers do not have to operate and manage complex time series database infrastructure
  • AMP is seamlessly integrated with AWS's Security Services i.e. all queries sent to the service are authorized by AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM).
  • Prometheus-compatible monitoring and alerting service

What Will You Do

In this multi-part recipe, you will perform the following:

Part 1

  • Provision an Amazon EKS Cluster

Part 2

  • Create an AMP workspace in a supported AWS region
  • Create an IAM Role for Service Accounts (IRSA) to perform writes and reads to the AMP service
  • Create a custom cluster blueprint with a Prometheus server (addon) to the EKS cluster. You will configure the addon so that it can perform remote writes to your AMP workspace
  • Apply updated cluster blueprint on your EKS Cluster

Part 3

  • Deploy Grafana to access and visualize the long term metrics stored in AMP


  • You have an AWS account with sufficient privileges to provision an EKS cluster using the Controller and create an AMP workspace
  • You have access to an Org with a role to provision clusters and deploy workloads.