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The platform offers several additional constructs to augment and implement Kubernetes multi-tenancy patterns in customer environments. A couple of them include:

  • Projects: Logical "self-contained isolated units" that customers can leverage to compartmentalize infrastructure and resources belonging to different teams or applications


  • Workspace Admin role: Enables a self-service model for application teams by providing an intermediate level of multi-tenancy beyond Kubernetes namespaces

In this self-paced exercise, you will learn to implement a couple of common multi-tenancy use cases:

  • Teams have dedicated clusters assigned to them. Platform teams want to manage these clusters centrally and ensure that teams only have access to their respective clusters. We will use the Project construct to implement this use case

  • Clusters are shared between teams. Platform teams want to enforce governance controls but not at the cost of slowing down application teams. For this use case, we will use a combination of Project and Workspace Admin constructs

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Implement "Project" based isolation for dedicated clusters
2 Implement "Project + Workspace role" based isolation for shared clusters


You have access to an Org in the platform and a couple of K8s clusters that are upstream K8s compliant.