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This is a multi-part, self paced exercise to explore the Platform's capabilities to takeover lifecycle management of an "Imported" Amazon EKS cluster.

What Will You Do

Part What you will do
1 Import an EKS cluster and takeover lifecycle management
2 Perform lifecycle mgmt by adding a new nodegroup, scaling a nodegroup and optionally upgrade the Kubernetes version
3 Deprovision the cluster and remove the associated infrastructure on AWS


Takeover of lifecycle management of existing EKS clusters is limited to managed node groups.


  • You have access to an Amazon AWS account with privileges to create an IAM Role with the default Full IAM Policy.
  • You have an Amazon EKS Cluster already provisioned with one managed nodegroup in AWS.


You can use CLI tools like "ekstcl" to provision an EKS Cluster with a one "managed node group".