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Open Source Projects

A brief list of Open Source Projects that Rafay participates in. Many of these projects were initiated and maintained by the Rafay team. For some, we are active contributors. Learn about our commitment to Open Source.

  • Paralus

    Provide controlled, audited access to Kubernetes infrastructure with just-in-time (JIT) service account creation and user-level credential management that integrates with your RBAC and Single Sign On (SSO).

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  • B.R.A.V.E

    Create non production bare metal clusters without having access to specialized hardware or networking setup with a single command using Bare Metal Replication And Virtualization Environment (B.R.A.V.E).

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  • Multi Cluster Service Mesh

    Set up a multi-cluster service mesh to enable secure and seamless communication between services across Kubernetes clusters. The clusters can span multiple data centers, multiple providers or be a hybrid deployment.

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  • Cluster Insights

    Platform teams can get insights into all the resources on a cluster to help determine how they would like to manage add-ons and applications.

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  • Resize

    Slash cloud/infrastructure costs by identifying and automatically resizing over-provisioned Kubernetes resources on their clusters.


  • Terraform Provider

    Rafay's Terraform Provider enables platform teams to configure and manage the lifecycle of all resources as Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


  • AI/Gen AI Templates

    Turnkey infrastructure templates enabling platform teams to quickly implement self-service infrastructure for Generative AI, AI and HPC.

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  • OpenCost

    OpenCost is Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox open source project focused on cost monitoring for cloud native environments.

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    eksctl is the official CLI for Amazon EKS. Users can use the eksctl CLI to create and manage Amazon EKS clusters.

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  • CAPG

    CAPG is the Kubernetes Cluster API (CAPI) Provider for GCP bringing declarative Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster lifecycle management.