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Deprovisioning an upstream cluster is a two step process.

  • Delete the cluster in the Console.
  • Delete the cluster on each node used to provision the cluster in the Console.

Delete Cluster from Console

To delete an upstream cluster in the Console:

  • In the Console, go to the Project with the cluster you want to delete.
  • For the cluster you want to delete, click the Settings icon (gear icon), then select Delete.

Cluster Settings

Delete Cluster in Console

  • Select/enter the cluster name and click Confirm

Remove EKS Cluster

  • Optionally, enable the Delete Cluster Object in the Controller to delete all the cluster objects from the console but retain the resource details in the cloud
  • Click YES to confirm the deletion

Remove EKS Cluster

  • When deleting the cluster is complete, the cluster is removed from the list of clusters.

Delete Cluster on Node

  • For each node configured to run the cluster, run the following command:
./conjurer -d
  • A message appears asking you to confirm deprovisioning. Enter YES and press Enter.

    • Use YES. Using yes does not confirm the deprovisioning command.
    • Enter the sudo password, if required.

Confirm Deprovision Cluster

  • If error messages display during deprovisioning, some can be ignored because these errors will resolve upon a reboot.

Error Message