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The Workload Wizard is primarily designed for users that

  • Want to specify business intent for their workload and have the wizard take care of everything required to comply with the intent.
  • Do not want to deal with the learning curve associated with Kubernetes
  • Do not want to develop, test and maintain Kubernetes YAML or Helm charts for their workloads
  • Want "correctly formed" Kubernetes YAML to be automatically generated by the wizard.

High Level Steps

The Workload Wizard takes the user through a few logical, intuitive steps resulting in the definition of the workload's configuration.

Step 1: Create Workload

When creating a new workload,

  • Ensure "Workload Wizard" is selected for the Package Type
  • Specify a name for the workload, the namespace where you would like to deploy it
  • Finally, specify whether the workload requires Ingress or not. If Enabled, the workload wizard will prompt for Ingress related configuration as well.

Create Workload

Step 2: Specify Ingress

If ingress was selected for the workload, the wizard will prompt the user to configure ingress details.

Configure Ingress

Step 3: Configure Containers

The wizard then prompts the user to configure one/more containers that will be part of the workload

Configure Containers

Step 4: Upgrade Policies

Once the containers have been configured, the wizard prompts the user to specify how they would like to perform container upgrades on clusters

Upgrade Policy

Step 5: Placement Policy

The wizard will now prompt the user to specify the type of placement policy they would like to use to deploy their workloads.

Placement Policy

Step 6: Publish Workload

This is the final step in the workload wizard. Once the user attempts to publish the workload, the controller performs the following tasks:

  • Validation of the workload's configuration for errors
  • Auto generation of Kubernetes YAML
  • Send deployment instructions to targeted clusters
  • Check for successful deployment of the workload and report

Upgrade Policy