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Import & Takeover

This is Part 2 of a multi-part, self-paced exercise that will walk you through the process of Importing and taking over lifecycle management of an Amazon EKS Cluster.

What Will You Do

In this part , you will:

  • Create a Cloud Credential.
  • Import and "Takeover Lifecycle Management" of the imported EKS cluster
  • Perform Day 2 Operations on the cluster(Scale up/down and Upgrades).

Note that there are two ways to takeover lifecycle management of Amazon EKS clusters.

  1. Takeover lifecycle management at the same time of importing the Cluster.
  2. Imported the cluster first and takeover lifecycle management at a later time.

In this exercise, we will use the first approach.


This exercise demonstrates how you can perform this using the web console. You can also perform this using other methods such as Terraform, AWS CLI, etc..

Cloud Credential

Cloud credentials provide the controller with privileges to programmatically interact with your Amazon AWS account so that it can manage the lifecycle of infrastructure associated with the Amazon EKS cluster.

  • Follow the instructions to create an IAM Role based cloud credential.
  • Validate the newly created cloud credential to ensure it is configured correctly.

Configure Cluster

In this step ,we will import the EKS cluster onto the Rafay Platform and Convert at the time of importing the Cluster.

  • Navigate to your project
  • Select Infrastructure -> Clusters
  • Click "New Cluster"
  • Select "Import Existing Kubernetes Cluster"
  • Click "Continue"

Create Cluster

  • Select "Public Cloud"
  • Select "Amazon EKS"
  • Enter a name for the cluster (ideally the same name as the EKS cluster)
  • Click "Continue"

Create Cluster

In the "General" section, populate the following items

  • Check the "Convert to Managed"
  • Select the Cloud Credentials.
  • Select the region where the EKS cluster is created.
  • After selecting region and cloud credentials, choose the source cluster which needs to be converted from the list of EKS cluster that is fetched.
  • Click "Continue"

Create Cluster

  • When a pop-up window appears, select YES to continue.

Create Cluster

In the "Provision" section, follow the Cluster Registration Instructions given on the page below .

Create Cluster

Initiate Import

  • Download the bootstrap YAML and use "kubectl" to apply it to your EKS cluster.
  • Wait for the blueprint sync to complete

The "takeover" process will start once the blueprint has been synchronized. This process can take a few minutes and once it is compete, you should see something like the example below.

Takeover Complete