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Infra GitOps using RCTL

Users can perform actions on the cluster using config file to support GitOps work flows.

Manually trigger the pipeline once, which will create spec files for all current AKS clusters and commit them to git. Users can still use RCTL and changes will be synced to git. System Sync is a process used to synchronize or align various resources and share up-to-date information. System Sync facilitates the exchange of data, settings, configurations, or updates between different resources.

For example, to scale the existing clusters, perform the required changes in the config yaml file and use the below apply command through RCTL.

./rctl apply -f <cluster config file name>


./rctl apply -f demo-akscluster-config.yaml

Operation Status

Once the changes are applied, a task id is provided for the applied task along with the operation details and the status Provision_Task_Status_Pending

Use the below command to view the status of the task

./rctl status apply <task_id>

Users are allowed to perform only the below operations on Day 2 using the cluster config file:

  • Add/scale/delete Node pools
  • Enable/Disable Autoscale of Node pool
  • Update Blueprint and Blueprint versions
  • Update Cloud Credentials
  • Update Cluster labels
  • Upgrade Cluster & Node pool K8s version
  • Update Node pool mode (System or User)
  • Update Node pool Surge definition
  • Update Toleration, Node-Selectors, and Daemonset override

Refer Infra GitOps using RCTL - Examples to know more on how to scale a cluster and the response received on RCTL and Controller