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If the cluster import process was unsuccessful, follow the steps described below to debug and diagnose the issue. Some common scenarios when import can fail are described below

Failure Scenarios

Scenario 1

Incompatible, older version of Kubernetes

Scenario 2

Insufficient cluster capacity (resources) for the k8s mgmt Operator and the specified blueprint

Scenario 3

Conflicting Ingress Controllers ports i.e. Managed Ingress Controller not disabled on cluster where an Ingress Controller already exists.

Scenario 4

3rd Party product blocking the creation of k8s resources such as namespaces etc

Scenario 5

Imported cluster unable to pull required container images from the specified registry due to configured policies etc

Privileged Namespaces

When you run "kubectl apply..", two namespaces for the controller will be created on the imported cluster.

  • rafay-system
  • rafay-infra

"rafay-system" Namespace

The "rafay-system" namespace is a critical, monitored namespace. It should contain several pods as listed below. Users can use the following kubectl command to list the pods in this namespace.

kubectl get po -n rafay-system

NAME                                           READY    STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
controller-manager-588577488f-9vs29             1/1     Running   0          8d
debug-client-7cd86579bd-bcj8f                   1/1     Running   0          8d
edge-client-769767854b-m8r7w                    1/1     Running   0          8d
rafay-connector-5ffddccd99-gn6gl                1/1     Running   6          8d
relay-agent-585c799cbd-2bj5m                    1/1     Running   0          8d
secretstore-admission-webhook-b57c94688-46v62   1/1     Running   0          63d
l4err-77b5c5b949-kmbzs                          1/1     Running   0          8d
nginx-ingress-controller-2jlwb                  1/1     Running   0          8d
nginx-ingress-controller-qz4j6                  1/1     Running   0          8d

"rafay-infra" Namespace

The "rafay-infra" namespace contains the Kubernetes resources for infrastructural components managed by the controller.

kubectl get po -n rafay-infra

NAME                                                   READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
log-aggregator-6847784f79-tbb5z                        1/1     Running   0          151d
log-router-qtc4f                                       2/2     Running   0          77d
log-router-zmfkf                                       2/2     Running   0          77d
rafay-metrics-server-58689d8d66-njxgm                  1/1     Running   0          77d
rafay-prometheus-adapter-7cc76d654c-cwrx7              1/1     Running   0          7h37m
rafay-prometheus-alertmanager-0                        2/2     Running   0          7h37m
rafay-prometheus-kube-state-metrics-567cff6b85-rqntx   1/1     Running   0          77d
rafay-prometheus-node-exporter-mh9sc                   1/1     Running   0          7h37m
rafay-prometheus-node-exporter-rgwzk                   1/1     Running   0          7h37m
rafay-prometheus-server-0                              2/2     Running   0          7h37m