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Azure Integration

Cost Management needs access to the Microsoft Azure Billing Rate Card API to access accurate pricing data for your Kubernetes resources.

Users must perform the below steps and complete a few setups to create a Cost profile in the controller

Step 1: Custom Azure Role Creation

  • Create an Azure role definition. Below is an example file, in which the user must replace YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID with the Subscription ID where your Kubernetes Clusters are running:
    "Name": "CostmanagementRole",
    "IsCustom": true,
    "Description": "Rate Card query role",
    "Actions": [
    "AssignableScopes": [
  • Save this file with a preferred name, for example, myazurerole.json

  • Run the below command to register that role with Azure

az role definition create --verbose --role-definition @myazurerole.json

Step 2: Create an Azure Service Principal

  • Run the below command to create an Azure Service Principal

az ad sp create-for-rbac --name "<display_name>" --role "CostmanagementRole" --scope "/subscriptions/YOUR_SUBSCRIPTION_ID" --output json

Step 3: Azure Service Principal details to Cost Management

Supplying through Cloud Credentials

Create a cloud credentials of type Cost Management and provider Azure. Enter all the parameters

Create Cloud Credential

Refer Cloud credentials for more details