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Cost Governance allows creation of chargeback groups to track and bill internal teams based on resource consumption. Chargeback/Showback groups can be any logical grouping of resources and these groups can be created based on project, clusters, namespaces and/or labels.

Getting to the Chargeback Group

  • Login to the controller
  • Click on System and select Cost Governance

Service Mesh Dashboard

Chargeback Group page appears.

  • Click Policy and to enable/disable the Share unallocated cost
  • Enabling it allows you to select the sharing type

  • Share based on Allocation: Allows for distribution in accordance with the ratio determined by each tenant's computed use. For example, if a cluster has 2 namespaces with 30% and 40% allocated, the unallocated cost (remaining 30%) gets divided in the same ratio.

  • Share based on tenancy: Allows to equally share the shared cost with all the tenants of a cluster. For example, if a cluster has 2 namespaces, the remaining 30% unallocated cost gets divided equally.

Service Mesh Dashboard

Note: Sharing the unallocated cost is optional

Chargeback Groups

A chargeback group is a collection of resources forming a logical entity in a customer's organization. These would typically be based on namespaces and/or specific ‘labels’.

Users have the flexibility in the platform to create chargeback groups based on a variety of parameters. Org Admin can create chargeback groups.

Service Mesh Legend

Create Chargeback Group

Perform the below steps to create a chargeback group

  • Click Create Chargeback Group under Groups. New Chargeback page appears
  • Provide a name for the group and select a project to enable sub-selection of clusters/namespaces/labels or a combination/exclusion of all to form a chargeback group
  • Select the required cluster, namespace, and labels available within the selected project, and click Include. You can do as many as inclusions based on the requirement
  • Use Exclude button to remove a specific cluster, namespace, label or any combination from this group
  • Click Save

Service Mesh Legend

On successful creation, you can view the newly created group in the Groups page as shown below

Service Mesh Legend

Generate Cost Reports

Once a chargeback group is created, users can generate cost reports at their convenience.

  • Under the Groups, click the ellipsis icon of a specific chargeback group and select Reports
  • Select a time period (Start and End date) and click Generate.

Service Mesh Legend

The report generation process is compute intensive and it may take a few minutes to generate the report. Once the report is ready, click the download button to download the report in csv format

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