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Part 4: Deprovision

In this part, you will use the controller to deprovision the EKS cluster and all associated infrastructure in AWS.

Deprovision Cluster


You can either use the web console OR use a declarative cluster specification and use the RCTL CLI to provision and manage your EKS cluster.

  • Go to Infrastructure -> Clusters.
  • Click on the settings icon of the cluster and select "Delete"
  • When prompted, select "yes" to confirm the deletion of the cluster

Cluster Delete Prompt

  • The cluster provision status will show " INFRA DELETION IN PROGRESS". Note, it can take approximately 20 minutes for the deletion to finish
  • Once the deletion is complete, the cluster will be removed from the web console

Let us first list the EKS cluster using the RCTL CLI

./rctl get cluster

You should expect to see output like the following

| NAME             | TYPE    | OWNERSHIP | PROVISION STATUS           |
| demo-eks-testing | aws-eks | self      | CLUSTER_PROVISION_COMPLETE |

Now, execute the following command to delete your EKS cluster.

./rctl delete demo-eks-testing


The actual deletion process can take ~10 minutes to ensure that all associated infrastructure resources in AWS is deleted as well.


Congratulations! At this point, you have successfully deprovisioned the EKS cluster and all associated infrastructure components in your AWS account.