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Triggers are external events that start a pipeline job. Two types of triggers are currently supported.

  • Webhooks (for Github and Github Enterprise)
  • Cron Job based Repository Sync


External Git repos can be configured to send a webhook to the Controller. If the webhook payload satisfies the specified criteria, the pipeline job is started.

Configured webhook triggers are provided a friendly name, they are associated with a Git repository (Github or Gitlab) and configured to monitor for changes to a branch (i.e. revision) and specific file paths. An example is shown below.

Webhook Trigger

Cron Job

This is essentially a "periodic repository" sync operation that is performed as per configured schedule. The sync operation notices that monitored files have been updated, it starts the pipeline job.

Cron Job Repo Sync Trigger

  • Select a repository to monitor
  • Specify the branch (i.e. revision) and path of files to monitor
  • Specify a Cron expression

Here are examples of cron expressions:

  • At every minute is "*****"
  • At every 5th minute is "/5***"
  • At every 15th minute is "/15***"
  • At every 30th minute is "/30***"