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The Controller provides a web-based "Cluster Dashboard" for all managed Kubernetes cluster. Users can use the dashboard to view detailed information about all Kubernetes resources on the cluster.

Both "Current State" and "Trends" over time for Kubernetes resources are presented to aid users in not just debugging/troubleshooting but also forecasting and planning.

The dashboard organizes the information into logical categories

  • Cluster Level
  • Node Level
  • Specific Kubernetes Resources
  • Configuration

Multi Cluster Dashboard

The Web Console provides a single view of all clusters under management by the organization. Users are presented with "At a Glance" operational details in the multi cluster dashboard that allows them quickly address issues.

Cluster Dashboard Overview

Cluster Card

Each cluster card provides at a glance information is provided for each managed cluster

Cluster Metadata

  • Type
  • Location etc

Cluster Resources

The cluster card shows "CPU and Memory Resources" on the cluster. For each metric, both total resources and current utilization is tracked and displayed.


The utilization chart will automatically transition from Green to Red if a threshold of 80% utilization is reached.

Operational Status

Operational Status of managed clusters is shown at a fine grained level to the admins.

  • Reachability: Does the cluster have connectivity to the Controller?

  • Cluster Health: Is the cluster healthy?

  • Blueprint Sync Status: Has the configured blueprint synchronized on the cluster?

Cluster Card


The cluster card also provides a view into the number of workloads operational on the cluster and their status.

Cluster Card Workload Details