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Part 2: Provision

What Will You Do

In this part of the self-paced exercise, you will configure the SOM automation in order to provision an Amazon EKS cluster and other environment resources.

Step 1: Provision Environment Resources

  • In the forked repo, navigate to the "eks" directory
  • Open the file “provision_eks.ps1”
  • Click "Edit this file"

Edit File

  • In the “Populate Variables” section, follow the steps to populate the needed values
  • Once the values are populated, click "Commit changes"

Commit File

  • Once committed, go to the "Actions" tab in GitHub. You will see the workflow running.

Workflow Started

  • Click on the running workflow, click "build" to see the workflow output

Workflow Running

  • The workflow will take roughly 30 minutes to provision all resources. You can monitor the workflow job output and the Rafay console to see the resources being provisioned.

Workflow Running

Cluster Provisioning

Workflow Completed


As of this step, the automation has created a new project in your organization along with custom groups and users. It has also provisioned an EKS cluster with a custom cluster blueprint that contains the Amazon CloudWatch addon and a custom PSP OPA policy. The needed resources to backup and restore from an Amazon S3 bucket have been created. You can manually execute a backup job to begin backing up to the S3 bucket.