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Data Agent

A "Data Agent" will be automatically deployed to your cluster where backup or restore needs to be performed. Follow the steps described below to deploy a data agent to your clusters.

Create Agent

  • In the web console, navigate to "Backup/Restore" -> Data Agents
  • Click New Agent, provide a name and an optional description
  • Click Create

Add Data Agent

  • Select the "Cloud Credential" from drop-down that will be used for accessing the data backup location
  • Click Save to add the data agent

Add Data Agent


Enable/Disable the option Enable Volume Backups for On-prem Clusters if you would like to use this agent for persistent volume backups.

Add Data Agent

Deploy Agent

  • From the Data Agent list, click the required agent to be deployed. A message appears saying Agent Not Deployed
  • Click Deploy to Clusters

Click Deploy to Cluster

Deploy to Clusters screen appears at the right pane

  • Select the cluster name to deploy the data agent and click DEPLOY to deploy this agent to the selected clusters

Select Cluster


You can have the same "data agent" deployed to multiple clusters in the same project

  • Deployment of the data agent to clusters is fully automated and can take a few minutes
  • Once the data agent is deployed successfully to the cluster, a message Deployment initiated, it might take about 5-10 mins appears
    • Once the data agent is deployed successfully to the cluster, the agent status will display in the Data Agent page

Deploy Data Agent

You are now ready to create a backup and restore job for your cluster

RCTL for Data Agents

Users can also create/update/delete/deploy/un-deploy a data agent through RCTL to their clusters with the below commands

Create Data Agents

 ./rctl create dp-agent <name> --cloud-credentials <cloudcredentials>

__Create Data Agents (Enabling Volume Backups for On-prem Clusters)__

``` bash
./rctl create dp-agent <name> --cloud-credentials <cloud-credentials> --enable-onprem

Delete Data Agents

./rctl delete dp-agent <name>

Fetch Data Agents

./rctl get dp-agent

An illustrative example is shown below where RCTL retrieves the list of agents

| NAME         | CLOUD CREDENTIALS | CLUSTERS | CREATED AT                   |
| test-agent1  | cred-AWS          | 1        | Tue Sep 14 06:42:10 UTC 2021 |
| demo-dpagent | demo-creds        | 1        | Fri Sep 17 09:23:22 UTC 2021 |

Use the below command to retrieve a specific agent's details

./rctl get dp-location <agent-name>

Update Data Agents

./rctl update dp-agent <name> --cloud-credentials <cloudcredentials>

Update Data Agents (If Volume Backups for On-prem Clusters is enabled)

./rctl update dp-agent <name> --cloud-credentials <cloud-credentials> --enable-onprem

Deploy Data Agents

./rctl deploy dp-agent <agent-name> --cluster-name <cluster-name>

Un-deploy Data Agents

./rctl undeploy dp-agent <agent-name> --cluster-name <clustername>


Agent deletion is not supported