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Data Agent

A "Data Agent" will be automatically deployed to your cluster where backup or restore needs to be performed. Follow the steps described below to deploy a data agent to your clusters.

Create Agent

  • In the web console, navigate to "Backup/Restore" -> Data Agents
  • Add a "New Agent", provide a name and an optional description
  • Select the "Cloud Credential" from drop-down that will be used for accessing the data backup location
  • Click "CREATE" to add the data agent


Enable/Disable the option "Enable Volume Backups for On-prem Clusters" if you would like to use this agent for persistent volume backups.

Add Data Agent

Deploy Agent

  • From the Data Agent list, click "Deploy" to cluster option
  • Click "ADD CLUSTER" and select the cluster name to deploy the data agent to from the dropdown list
  • Click "DEPLOY" to deploy this agent to the selected clusters

Deploy Data Agent


You can have the same "data agent" deployed to multiple clusters in the same project

  • Deployment of the data agent to clusters is fully automated and can take a few minutes
  • Once the data agent is deployed successfully to the cluster, the agent status will display in the Data Agent page.

Deploy Data Agent

You are now ready to create a backup and restore job for your cluster