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Audit Logs

All actions performed on the Amazon AKS cluster right from initial configuration, provisioning, nodegroup actions and deletion are AUDITED.

  • Login to the Controller and click System drop-down from the main dashboard menubar
  • Select Audit Logs. By default, Audit Logs page appears with the list of actions performed in the last one hour
  • Users can search for the required logs using various filters such as Projects, Types, User, Client, and Time Range
  • Use Clear Filters to remove the applied filters or Refresh to view the latest updates
  • Use Export to export the audit log file in a csv format

Audit Trail Nodegroup Actions

KUBECTL Logs - To view the actions performed through Kubectl, click KUBECTL - To view the application/workload/pod that violates OPA policy, click OPC to view those logs

The audit trail is presented to administrators in a reverse chronological format.