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To ensure the highest levels of security, we recommend that remote SSH access not be enabled on the VMs. SSH type of access is not required for any operations performed by administrators. The Controller provides a zero trust, remote diagnostics and control channel that can be leveraged securely as long as

  • The VM is operational and
  • The VM has network connectivity to the Controller.

Access VM

We recommend that customers that require this type of access use “Console” access from within OpenStack Console. This approach ensures that access to the VM is only possible by “approved and authenticated” OpenStack administrators.


Use the username “rafay_admin” for this type of access

Illustrative screenshot below for access to a VM via OpenStack Console.

SSH via OpenStack Console

Enabling SSH

Although remote access to the VM via SSH is not required, if you would like enable this, follow the steps described below.


This will require you to operate at a degraded security level

Access Credentials

The following default access credentials can be used for SSH access to the underlying OS backing the k8s cluster.

Username: rafay_admin Password: Admin$321

Access OpenStack Console

Login as rafay_admin via console of VM in Horizon Dashboard

Switch to Root

sudo su -

Modify SSHD

Modify the file "/etc/ssh/sshd_config" to enable password based authentication over ssh.

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Update "PasswordAuthentication" from "no" to "yes"

Enable SSH in VM

Enable ssh in the VM by typing the following command.

systemctl enable ssh
systemctl start ssh