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This recipe describes how customers can use both Rafay and ZEDEDA to manage edge devices running K3s across their fleet of clusters.

ZEDEDA provides an edge orchestration and management solution delivering applications and workloads to edge devices. ZEDEDA provides a flexible foundation, improving the visibility and security of your edge infrastructure.


  • Consists of two components. EVE-OS, a bare metal virtualization engine and ZEDEDA Cloud, a SaaS-based controller Provides an edge infrastructure for deploying and updating solutions across thousands of nodes.

  • Ensures your application and infrastructure control planes are separated

  • Utilizes a Zero Trust security model, addressing the unique, perimeter-less security challenges of edge infrastructure

  • Maximizes asset efficiency with a consistent, secure orchestration system

What Will You Do by Part

Part What will you do?
1 Import cluster into Rafay
2 Configure and Provision a K3s Cluster using ZEDEDA


  • You have access to an edge device
  • You have access to a ZEDEDA project