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Clicking on the "Configuration" tab on the Cluster Dashboard allows the Infrastructure Admin to view critical "static" and "dynamic" metadata associated with the cluster.

Depending on the type of cluster, different metadata will be presented.

Static Metadata

  • Type (On-Prem, Imported, Amazon EKS)
  • Location
  • Auto Provisioned (Yes/No)
  • GPU
  • Provider

Dynamic Metadata

  • Ingress IPs (if configured)
  • Blueprint (default if not customized)
  • Blueprint Sync Status
  • Approve Nodes Automatically (ON/OFF)

MKS, Upstream k8s Cluster

An example of configuration for an "On-Premises" cluster

Cluster Configuration

Amazon EKS Cluster

An example of configuration for a controller provisioned "Amazon EKS" cluster

Cluster Configuration

Clicking on "View More" will display additional EKS and AWS specific metadata is display for Amazon EKS clusters.

Cluster Configuration