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Rafay at DevOpsCon 2023 in New York City

In late Sep 2023, we had the opportunity to speak, present and participate at DevOpsCon 2023 in New York City. In this blog, we will briefly describe what we presented at the conference and our observations about the event itself.

DevOpsCon is a global conference focused on CI/CD, Kubernetes Ecosystem, Agile & Lean Business. If you live outside the United States, you may want to attend one of their conferences in other cities such as Munich, Singapore, London and Berlin.

This year's conference in New York was held at the Marriott near Brooklyn Bridge which is a fantastic location, literally right across from the Brooklyn Bridge and NYU Engineering.

Our goals at this conference were very simple.

  1. Educate the attendees about various approaches for secure access to Kubernetes clusters and their pros/cons.

  2. Attend other sessions, meet practitioners and learn about their challenges and how they are solving these.

View the full conference schedule.