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Deprovisioning Sequence

The sequence diagram below captures the high level steps that occur for remote deprovisioning of EKS Anywhere Bare Metal clusters.

    participant admin as Administrator
    participant rafay as Rafay Controller
    box Remote Datacenter
    participant gateway as Gateway
    participant cluster as EKSA Bare Metal Cluster
    note over rafay, gateway: Port 443 Outbound Control Channel
    admin->>rafay: Deprovision Cluster
    gateway->>rafay: Receive Deprovision Command
    gateway->>cluster: Start Deprovisioning Cluster
    gateway->>rafay: Cluster Deprovisioned

Deprovision EKSA Bare Metal Cluster

To deprovision a provisioned Amazon EKSA Bare Metal cluster, perform the following steps

  • Click on Settings icon on the far right of the cluster and select Delete

Delete Cluster Option

  • Select/enter the cluster name and click Confirm

Delete Cluster Confirmation

  • Optionally, enable the Delete Cluster Object in the Controller to delete all the cluster objects from the console but retain the resource details in the cloud
  • Click YES to confirm the deletion

Successful Cluster