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Supported Environments

Please review the information listed below to understand the supported environments and operational requirements.

Operating Systems

Here is the list of supported operating systems for the nodes.

  • Bottlerocket
  • Ubuntu


Rafay Managed Amazon EKS Anywhere is currently only supported on Bare Metal.

Kubernetes Versions

The following versions of Kubernetes are currently supported.

New Clusters

New clusters can be provisioned using the following Kubernetes versions.

Kubernetes Version Official EOL Date Support added with Controller release version
v1.27 Sep 2024 v1.27
v1.26 July 2024 v1.27
v1.25 April 2024 v1.27
v1.24 Jan 2024 v1.27
v1.23 Oct 2023 v1.27

Ports and protocols

Amazon EKS Anywhere needs certain ports to be open on the control plane, and worker nodes.

Network Rules: Control Plane

Ensure that network rules on the control plane (aka. master) nodes are configured for the ports and direction described below.

Purpose Port Range Protocol Direction
Kubernetes API Server 6443 TCP Inbound
Kubelet API 10250 TCP Inbound
kube-scheduler 10259 TCP Inbound
kube-controller-manager 10257 TCP Inbound
Purpose Port Range Protocol Direction
etcd client 2379-2380 TCP Inbound

Network Rules: Worker Node

Ensure that the network rules on the nodes (aka. worker) are configured for the ports and direction described below.

Purpose Port Range Protocol Direction
Kubelet API 6443 TCP Inbound
NodePort Services 30000-32767 TCP Inbound

Network rule : SSH Access

To enable SSH access on any node, you need to allow the following SSH port.

Purpose Port Range Protocol Direction
sshd 22 TCP Inbound


To install the gateway agent, allow inbound port 22 on the admin machine. Once the installation is complete, the inbound port 22 for the admin machine can be closed.

Bare Metal Provider

For initial network booting, the following ports on the Admin machine for a Bare Metal provider must be accessible to all nodes on the same level 2 network in the cluster:

Purpose Port Range Protocol Direction
Boots DHCP 67 TCP Inbound
Boots TFTP 69 TCP Inbound
Boots HTTP 80 TCP Inbound
Tink-server 42113 TCP Inbound
Hegel HTTP 50061 TCP Inbound
Rufio IPMI 623 TCP Outbound
Rufio Redfish 80, 443 TCP Outbound