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K8s Upgrades

Performing upgrades of VMware Clusters is supported in the Controller

Scope of Upgrade

Two components need to be upgraded during an VMware Cluster upgrade

  1. VMware Control Plane
  2. Attached Node Pools

The Control plane always needs to be upgraded first before the node groups


VMware Cluster upgrades performed by the controller are always performed in a manner where the cluster and resident workloads never encounter any downtime

Upgrade Process

This is the default option. When selected, it upgrades everything to the new version of k8s i.e. VMware Control Plane and All Node Pools

  • Select the required provisioned VMware cluster and select Upgrade Cluster.

Upgrade Default

Version upgrade window appears.

  • Select the required Version Upgrade Type, Control Plane Version and Worker Node Version
  • Select the required Node Pools

Upgrade Default


Upgrading the entire VMware cluster can take ~15 minutes.

During the upgrade, an indication is provided Node Pools page. An illustrative example is shown below.

Cluster Upgrade Indication

Once upgrade is complete, a round of post-upgrade tests are performed to ensure that there are no loose ends and everything is as expected

Upgrade History

The Controller maintains the upgrade history associated with every upgrade action whether it was successful or not. Administrators can view the entire history through the following steps

  • Click the Cluster name and Activity tab

This will display the entire history of upgrades for that specific cluster

Upgrade History